Special Features

What makes us special?


  • brings together the sixth-degree-of-separation-visualization with maps and travel reference
  • offers the better features to protect privacy
  • connects travellers with similar interests via intelligent search and linking methods
  • is multilingual. We're starting with English and German. French will follow shortly after that and later Spanish. English is surely the common denominator between travellers but many can narrate more lively in their mother tongue.
  • solves the problem of fraudulence on evaluation portals by invitation-only-access, exclusive use of real names, user relations and more techniques
  • is the first service that allows for the special responsibility which the recommendation of travel destinations brings about. (in development)
    We assume that the really good tips will not be shared and exchanged with the entire world but only within the direct circle of friends - after all they constitute a value.
  • offers new forms of discreet contacting & recontacting (in development)
  • will offer a provider catalogue with direct comparability of different provider groups (e.g. hostel vs. campground vs. B&B) (in development)
  • uses state-of-the-art technology
  • is independent ("independent for the independent"). More about this in the chapter „About us“.
  • consequently represents the community values: authenticity, cooperativeness, candidness, serenity & broad-mindedness

roadbeat.com offers the
"60-years sustainability guarantee"

Sounds funny but is meant seriously: Because the true benefits of this platform will only be visible by-and-by, a sustained service is essential. We depend on your trust. Therefore we now guarantee: roadbeat.com will definitely be online the next 60 years. So you'll still be able to find your international contacts from your years at college when you've retired.