How much of the plan is realized yet?

=== This project is currently "on hold" ===

Our online social networking platform is ready for the launch with extensive features. Soon the tip database will be going online, then the provider catalogue will be opened for providers.

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Social Network PlatformAvocational development of the social network platform
roadbeat company start up
  Knowledge BaseUser Generated Knowledge Base
   Travel Service Provider Catalogue 
    We have many more ideas ...


 development phase enhancement phase

What happens next?

We have lots of ideas for further features and improvements which we will integrate in short, small development cycles. This platform is a continuously growing project.

We believe in customer driven innovation. We are developing this platform for you; therefore once more my request: Tell us anytime what you would like to have new, different, or better! Please use the contact form or the email address We want to give you the opportunity of constantly participating in improvement and modification processes - and in reviews concerning them.

We use excellent technologies that allow us to be highly productive: ColdFusion, Railo, Caucho Resin J2EE Server, MySQL & the CONTENS CMS. Currently, we are hosting on four servers and have a good plan as to how we can scale further without the costs exploding.

You do not have to be a big company nowadays in order to launch an international web project.