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Information for Professionals for professionals

As a social network for individual travellers, roadbeat aims at offering a platform for independent professionals within the travel sector (hostel-/B&B accommodations, tour guides, niche providers of all kinds) for the presentation and marketing of their offers.

Many individual travellers want more than only the blockbusters of travel destinations or sights. They travel on their own initiative, search for and offer tips that transcend the well known and enjoy the diversity of providers who offer them variety on travel niche markets.

Who can participate?

roadbeat is looking forward to the participation of motivated providers in the individual tourism segment (the travel long tail), especially from the areas:

  • Accommodations: hostel-/pension-/hotel owners
  • Transportation: providers of expeditions / tours, round trips; rental stations 
  • Provision of services & events, e.g. bungee, rafting, tattooing 
  • Meals: takeaways, country-specific restaurants & food markets 
  • Nightlife: pubs / bars / clubs 
  • Communication: Internet cafés, office spaces

roadbeat is also a platform for travel photographers to provide samples and in a later step offer high-resolution pictures as chargeable downloads for publishers.

Why should I register on roadbeat and present my services there?

Benefit from roadbeat, 

  • because you will be found on, 
  • because you can easily establish a reputation and benefit from the trust network, and 
  • because the mediation costs are minimal

As a professional you can supply extensive written and graphical information. This will make you known and address so far neglected target groups. By introducing your services and products and putting them up for discussion, you receive valuable feedback and considerations for your further strategies.

Reasons in favor of registering on roadbeat:

“One-to-one marketing reloaded”
Demonstrate presence not just on-site but also online because the individual tourism is changing.
Benefit from the fact that individual travellers inform themselves via the Internet before and during their travels and make preselections. The personal support, supply of information, and an early contacting therefore play a decisive role and create a basis of mutual trust.

"Cooperate locally, compete globally" vs. "Compete locally"
Cooperate with other professionals in your region. It is becoming more and more important to highlight the distinctions of your region in comparison to other regions - as many travellers already think and compare globally.

Win the confidence of your market
"If there is no trust, there's no deal, period. […] The size of your reputation matters more than the size of your marketing budget.” (Source: Building Reputational Capital, Kevin Jackson, Fordham University professor)
Create mutual trust. Be aware of the fact that travellers are increasingly exchanging information and experiences via rating platforms, forums, and blogs.

Communicate with travellers directly
As professional in the travel sector you are dealing with increasingly networking customers and you should take advantage of the possibilities available because this. Win favor by getting involved with travellers in conversations and dialogue and appreciating their feedback as valuable advice.

Get travellers involved
Integrate your customers into the formation of your offer. Take into consideration tips & advice you receive via roadbeat. Or take the next step and invite selected roadbeat members to test your new travel-, tour- etc. products. (crowd sourcing).
In the past, an increase of efficiency of providers in the travel sector was realized by concentration and standardization.
roadbeat increases the efficiency while at the same time preserving diversity and by this the freedom (of choice) for the traveller.