The roadbeat Manifesto

The roadbeat independent traveller statements

Our “Declaration of Independence“

  1. During our travels we’re looking for a good amount of adventure & spontaneity and the most unique impressions & experiences.
  2. For centuries travelling was a departure, an adventure into the unknown. Today our (travelling) world seems to continuously become smaller and more predictable. We travel on our own initiative, seek and offer tips which transcend the well-known and look forward to professionals who help to discover the unknown. We’re recapturing the adventure.
  3. We handle travel tips in a responsible manner, especially online. Some tips are only available to friends in order to keep the destinations as authentic as possible.
  4. Many sights are impressive but around the end of a journey the impressions gained during good conversations frequently prevail. It’s a pity to lose track of one another. In contrast, it’s nice to see each other again.
  5. Visiting friends belongs to the best moments while travelling. Some of them are former travel acquaintances or companions, others in turn are guides, guesthouse owners, or event organizers and charge money but why should this lessen the pleasures.


  1. We prefer being guests and not just customers. We value hosts who are dedicated to their cause and us. The offer needs to be good but not perfect.
  2. We love diversity and wish for a wide range of travel niche markets: be it the most simple hammock accommodations or idiosyncratic tours, new hybrids of work and travel – there are interested people for anything as well as a market for everything.
  3. We love great ideas. For this purpose we are willing to get involved ourselves, develop ideas, test others ideas and spread the good ones. How about a self-produced mp3 audio guide for example?
  4. We enjoy being host and travel remixers ourselves. Some of us would like to make a living by becoming professionals.
  5. The winners will be the devoted freelancers, as demanding party as well as party making an offer – the traveller bohemian.