Architecture of Participation

Architecture of Participation


The classical travel business takes place on the axis between the travel corporations on the upper left and the customers (casual fans) on the lower right. The professionals offer classical flight/hotel/car/cruise trips and provide additional information (metadata) concerning these trips in form of catalogues and websites. Moreover, information on the travel destination, the local weather and possibly further additional offers are available as well.

Individual travellers often use classical providers of travel services to book flights and if necessary a hotel for the first couple of nights in the new country but no more than that. As enthusiasts they travel off their own bat based on the possibilities which are available locally. They communicate a lot - and tell us about countries, regions and spots, experiences with professionals and their products, as well as positive and negative adventures - all from the view of a traveller. This takes place in direct conversations, per email, blog, or via user generated content websites - from abroad and after returning back home, addressing other travellers, enthusiasts, and casual fans. The information is compacter and usually more credible than the information offered by the travel corporations.

Individual travellers are already prosumers.

Anyone travelling in such a manner is also a potential professional in the non-commercial or commercial traveller community - as a tour guide, host (meals, lodging), sparring partner in the athletic or intellectual sense, or as producer of e.g. art. Many hostel or guesthouse owners have travelled a lot themselves in the past. Many long-term travellers earn additional money within the travel industry.

There are also a number of smaller professionals who provide special offers catering to travel enthusiasts and who vouch for the quality for these offers. These people who are active in the long-tail travel business are called remixers.

The remix is originally a concept from modern music which was adapted to fit the travel business. It is used to describe the (partly spontaneous) combination of different elements to create individual travels. The juxtaposition and combination of different offers in the travel and activity area (e.g. an mp3 audio tour on inline skates, working with a notebook in foreign cafés, relief operations initiated by hostels) allows countless new alternatives. Similar to the music remix it's a matter of adding or removing effects, adjusting the pace, shifting emphases, and the recording of new additional instruments. The online social network platform with integrated long-tail professionals and geo catalogue virtually functions as a supporting medium.

Because the remixers communicate with the travel enthusiasts on equal footing, they already receive feedback and suggestions concerning their offer within direct conversation. Via this feedback channel becomes independent of time and location. Moreover this encourages thinking outside of the box in the travel innovation field.

The new axis

A lot of established online platforms already exist for the axis travel corporations - consumers, e.g. and many others. Ultimately they are virtually all connected to the same systems.

But for the axis enthusiasts - remixer is now available. Fresh & new ;-)