Why did we initiate the platform is especially a combination of multiple passions: travelling with others, new web technologies and the internet communication and interaction possiblities. We want to participate actively in the development of those features.

This includes the central issue long-tail travel which we have frequently experienced being put into practice during our numerous travels. However, we could not find a specific platform in the Internet so far enabling the networking of travellers with niche-hosts, acommodating to this idea. Therefore, as professionals in the Web development field, we used our technical know how, quite some time and our conviction to start developing such a platform.

In order to share the ideas which are inspirational for the platform and its further development and the general trends that enable such a platform to exist in the first place, we will present some of our basic thoughts here:

Increasing demand for specialized social networks
Different networks for different aspects of the personality
New culture of openness
Consumer empowerment
Fighting the information overload together
Everyone is an artist
Digital memory (Life caching)
Planned spontaneity and "always on" with mobile phones
Location based services