Areas of application

What is for?

In which situations and under which circumstances does the network offer the most advantages for the individual traveller? Which problems are solved?

Before travelling

You are planning an extended journey or maybe just a city trip. On you receive inspiration and relevant information. Not the kind you find in a classical guidebook but more personal, up to date and exclusive information. Where have your friends been? Which sights did other people with a taste similar to yours enjoy? What's so bland it's unnecessary?

Where are the acquaintances you could visit? Here you can receive further insider tips and manbe save money. Is someone in your circle of friends organizing a tour? Are there acquaintances who have the same plans you do?

Are there niche providers with relevant offers for me? Downhill mountain biking in South Africa? A factory tour in China? A cookery course in Ethiopia? A tour on the tracks of the comic-strip artists through Brussels. A sailboard rental with medical emergency care at Lake Arenal in Costa Rica ;-)?

While travelling can also be very useful along the way. You're probably staying in touch with people at home anyway per email or blog, meaning you have access to the Internet now and then. The golden age of affordable international mobile Internet access is unfortunately still lying ahead of us.

From the Internet café you can resolve: Where to next? What kind of experiences have others made with the possible alternatives and which providers are dependable?

Where are your travel contacts now? Organize new meeting points. Are previous acquaintances within reach? Print the relevant information en-route.

Instead of using email you can maintain your travel journal on per blog with photos and maps whereas you can decide which entry will be visible to your individual groups of acquaintances. You already have a blog? Integrate it via RSS.

After travelling

This is the main benefit of You have just returned from a happy, amusing trip. Your note-book is full of names with addresses or email addresses. Excellent, you now know people from all over the world. You'll probably stay in touch a lot. Will it work out? Forget it. If you are at school or studying this might be successful but if you're employed or have a family of your own you're probably glad if you manage to find enough time for your local friends.

Eventually, an extended vacation follows, a semester abroad, an occupational change with a couple of months of vacation in between, a sabbatical or even the retirement age. You're on the road again. Right, there used to be those international friends you could meet on location. At the time they had told you to come and visit them. The email contact has lapsed, do you have the heart to write an email again? Is the offer still good? Is the email address still valid and does your friend still live there at all? Does he/she remember me at all? Is a photo available from the past, is there a current one?

On your international network is still existent. With updated data, connecting factors, and many tools to help you stay in touch with people who are important to you.

We're doing our best to create the best technological and organizational bases for the platform. With regards to content we depend on your help: Enter the necessary information so you can be found by your friends. Invite your friends. Allow others to share your experiences. Supply feedback for us. Spread the word. It's worth it.

As a professional

"Pro" users are those who earn their living with services or products for the independent traveller scene. They are very welcome because they are frequently experts for certain spots, regions, and/or activities and usually dispose of wide travelling experience themselves.

There are separate services for professional users - and special rules and features which protect other users from unwanted advertisements and generally secure the win-win-situation of relationships on this platform.

The benefits available for professionals are explained in the chapter "Info for Pro's".