Background platform overview

The platform is operated by the company We are located in Munich in Southern Germany. is especially a combination of multiple passions: travelling with others, new web technologies and the internet communication and interaction possiblities. We want to participate actively in the development of those features.

Long Tail & Travel -

In 30 seconds: What's the point of is a new global network for individual travellers in which friendships can be cultivated easily, helpful experiences can be exchanged, and which benefits the authentic, independent host along with innovative professionals within the travel industry. is an innovative platform with innovative tools which offers the following benefits:

Keep international travel contacts
Find like-minded people for mutual activities
Exchange of inspiration & experiences
Invent and test new travel offers
"Long-tail travel" - Bringing together niche providers and consumers

For whom is primarily addresses:

  • People very involved with travelling
  • Globetrotters and long-distance travellers
  • Long-term travellers
  • Backpackers
  • Students abroad
  • People working abroad

Additionally we are presuming about 10% "pro's":

  • Professionals & travel "remixers" in the individual tourism segment (in terms of "long-tail") such as
    • Operators of hostels
    • Event organizers
    • Guides, etc.
  • Travel photographers & -moviemakers
  • Web designers - for the design / editing of service provider specials (planned)